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Why I'm Building My Own Commenting System
by JamesQMurphy | March 12, 2020

Today, I released Version 0.4.0 of my website. The big new feature? You can now leave public comments on blog post pages. In order to leave a comment, you need to create an account, either by validating an email address, or by signing in with either Twitter or GitHub. The commenting system is built from the ground up, and like the rest of the site, the source code is available on GitHub.

The Obligatory "How I Upgraded To .NET Core 3.1" Post

And No, It Wasn't Much Fun
by JamesQMurphy | December 28, 2019

Scott Hanselman did it. Rick Strahl did it. So I guess I needed to do it as well -- and, of course, blog about it. Yep, it was time to put aside the normal development work and upgrade my ASP .NET Core 2.2 site to .NET Core 3.1.

And with good reason; .NET Core 2.2 has officially reached end-of-support status, which means that Microsoft will no longer release patch updates for .NET Core 2.2. .NET Core 3.0 awaits the same fate on March 23, 2020. But .NET Core 3.1 is a Long-Term Support (LTS) version, which means it will be supported for three years.

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