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Logging API Gateway Calls Using AWS CloudWatch Logs Insights and PowerShell Lamba Functions
by JamesQMurphy | November 26, 2019

Did you know that you can write AWS Lambda Functions in PowerShell? Honestly, I didn't know it until a few weeks ago.

AWS announced Lambda support of PowerShell Core over a year ago, but I didn't learn about it until I was chatting with another attendee at Microsoft Ignite 2019[^Ignite]. And apparently, I wasn't the only one who didn't know. He went on to tell me that his coworkers insisted that it wasn't possible. Naturally, he took great pleasure in showing them his PowerShell scripts already running as Lambda functions. This was big news for me, because I'm a terrible JavaScript programmer, and I don't know a lick of Python[^Python]. But I know PowerShell very well, and I was thrilled to learn that I could start writing rich Lambda functions in my favorite scripting language, without having to ramp up on JavaScript or Python first.

GitHub Actions

They're Not Azure Pipelines
by JamesQMurphy | November 8, 2019

You know what the best thing about being wrong (and admitting to it) is? You usually learn a whole lot more than you would have, had you been right.

I was wrong about GitHub Actions being just "Azure Pipelines baked right into GitHub". In my defense, I jumped to that conclusion after hearing that parts of it were forked from Azure DevOps. But after attending Edward Thomson's presentation about GitHub Actions at Microsoft Ignite 2019, I learned a great deal about how GitHub Action started and how it evolved to what it is today.

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